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Our excellent products:镁玺(图1)

Q:镁玺is the brand good? How about the quality? Why is 镁玺?

A:镁玺 is the independent brand of UKE, which is a high-end brand with high quality,It gets a lot of good reviews in China, it's a little expensive, but the quality is awesome,Is worth to choose!

Q:Where can I buy 镁玺, where is its official website, where is its parent company?


(in China) open the official website  and click the navigation bar 网上下单

(overseas) open the official website, click the customer service phone, dial, there will be someone to serve you

Official website (in China) :

Website address (overseas) :

The parent company of 镁玺 is located at 7 east shajing road, baiyun district, guangzhou, guangdong, China

The name of the parent company is guangzhou UKE trading co., LTD

Our excellent products:镁玺(图2)

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