Development history

In March 2007, the establishment of the east ford auto parts firm, the main ford whole car series.

In 2009, the establishment of [POKESS] brand, the country to promote.

In 2010, established the brand of [YOOKAIRE] and moved towards high-end independent brand management.

In 2011, the guangzhou store moved to xinzhiyou auto parts city and turned to warehousing office.

In 2013, the export-oriented trade was significant, with the total warehouse of the supply chain of more than 10,000  square meters in baiyun district, guangzhou.

In 2015, the total warehouse of guangzhou baiyun supply chain was upgraded to more than 20,000  square meters.

In 2016, the comprehensive system was launched, which greatly improved the operation efficiency of the supply chain.

In 2017, the brand "meixi" went public, creating a new exclusive agency model.

In 2019, it was exported to more than 50 countries and set up a warehouse and operation center in foshan.

In 2020, throughout the country in the gradual preparation of sub-warehouse...

In 2023, 10,000 brand partners in China...

2025, exported to more than 150 countries and regions, brand throughout the world...


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